Automating Repetitive Workflows For Sell-Side Analysts, Investors, Lenders & Asset Managers

RMI Insights’ all-in-one platform uses machine learning to generate businesses’ three statement financial models with nothing more than an historical Income Statement and Balance Sheet, helping you to automate, simplify and easily visualize your most important deliverables

Integrate ERP Systems to Automate Financial Modeling & reporting

Understand your businesses' financial health in real-time and better plan for their expected future outcomes

Analyze your businesses with software that automates FP&A and lets you accurately value them so that you can eventually exit with adequate ROI.

All-in-one platform with automated FP&A, KPIs, ratios, valuations, financial health monitoring and benchmarking

Visual Three Statement Financial Model

  • Build three statement financial models by visually adjusting key operational-level drivers for the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement in minutes instead of weeks.

  • RMI Insights’ machine learning-based engine can import unstructured historical financial data if your clients don’t have an accounting system in place.

  • Access to the RMI Insights Financial Modeling Platform can be easily shared with your clients’ executive management team, Board, and other key stakeholders while retaining your own firm’s branding.

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Help plan for your clients’ future by visually adjusting key drivers of their online financial model to create bespoke, custom forecasts and annual budgets.

  • RMI Insights’ budgeting tool allows you and your clients to see how they are actually performing relative to different budgets on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

  • See variance reports in real time across different budgets to best plan and forecast for your clients’ financial future.

KPI Reports & Dashboards

  • Impress clients and prospects with easy-to-read dashboards, reports, and plans in the cloud.

  • Translate insights derived from analyses into actionable steps in real-time under a number of bespoke operating scenarios (upside case, base case, downside case etc.).

  • Pick and choose your clients’ data to visually show their story through the platform’s interactive dashboard.

Real-Time Financial Health Monitoring

  • The RMI Insights Financial Modeling Platform leverages the most important quantitative factors, the same that are used by leading Private Equity firms, to determine a company’s financial health score in real-time.

  • Monitor your company’s financial health in real-time based on leading and lagging key indicators.

  • Compare your clients’ businesses’ financial health to leading public and private companies in the same industry to see how they stack up and how they can improve.

Cash-Flow Driven Valuations

  • Instantly value your clients’ businesses by adjusting key drivers for their valuations including the WACC, Corporate Tax Rate and EBITDA Exit Multiple.

  • Companies are valued by breaking down their unlevered free cash flow profile over the next 5 years.

  • An easy to understand ‘Valuation Summary’ is provided to show your clients how operating changes in their businesses can be accretive or dilutive to their businesses’ equity values.

Ratios, Benchmarking & Reporting

  • See key ratios & metrics for your clients’ businesses that are critical to Management and other stakeholders in real-time.

  • Benchmark your clients’ businesses’ key ratios & metrics to publicly and privately traded companies in their respective industries.

  • Share all of these insights with your clients through custom, bespoke reports that let you pick and choose what information to share with them.