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RMI Insights Platform

RMI Insights provides strategic and financial advisory services to companies in the middle market ($5mm – $250mm in Gross Annual Revenue) across the private sector, principally in the real estate, energy, financial services, private capital, medical devices, media, healthcare, cannabis, luxury hospitality, and technology-enabled business services verticals.

What We Offer

Through a comprehensive set of financial advisory services that span our three core offerings – Business / Financial Modeling, Valuation Services, and M&A Transaction & Capital Raising Services – RMI provides tailor-made planning and decision support tools to enable clients to navigate their most complex challenges. Business modeling is a foundational element to allow companies to meet a wide range of strategic, organizational, and operational demands. Some of the core service offerings include providing valuation analyses, financial projections and budget forecasting, 3-Statement & Operational Models, Investment Memorandums/Presentations, and Quarterly and Annual Board Packages, inter alia.

By working closely together with our clients, we help them develop business models investigating the uncertainties of key commercial and market drivers. With a stronger grasp of the possible risks and returns involved through our robust business modeling tools, our clients are able to drive value creation and facilitate organizational efficiencies.

Business / Financial Modeling

We assist our clients in constructing dynamic, customized, integrated and logically structured business / financial models to meet customary FP&A needs and serve as the foundation for other decision support tools that RMI subsequently builds for clients.

M&A Transaction & Capital Raising Services

We assist our clients by providing highly bespoke services on all phases of M&A and capital raising deals, from the initial planning stage until the consummation of the transaction. We provide both buy-side and sell-side transaction support advisory services.

Valuation Services

We assist our clients by building proprietary and automated valuation frameworks that can be leveraged for a multiplicity of needs, as clients seek to raise capital for growth expansion or pursue inorganic growth via M&A activity. Our dynamic yet easy-to-follow toolkit of tailor-made valuation models can be leveraged by clients seeking a 360º, holistic assessment of their business. Our valuation services seek to effectuate a comprehensive view of the business’s value today and how that evolves as we distill the most essential value drivers by accounting for intrinsic valuation methodologies as well as market-driven factors.


FP&A Automation & Data
Science-Driven Visualizations

RMI Insights democratizes the corporate development process for SMBs and the Middle Market by automating & visualizing redundant, error-prone functions. Coupled with Advisory, RMI Insights provides ad-hoc corporate development functions such as Mergers, Acquisitions & Capital Raising at the fraction of the cost of full-time employees or boutique consultancies.


KPI Tracking & Real-Time
Valuation Analyses

RMI Insights lets you track, measure and analyze key financial & operational metrics for your organization. RMI Insights even allows you to benchmark your performance against key private and public companies in your industry to see your weaknesses and glean the insights needed to outperform the competition.

Machine Learning

Machine & Deep
Learning-Based AI Software

RMI Insights’ cutting-edge AI, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition-based software does the work for Executives and Investment Managers, making it easy to understand, collaborate and share insights about your organization with other stakeholders.