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We offer services pertaining to the entire software development life cycle. Engaging clients at any stage, right from conceptualization to deployment and support. We deliver quality software using multiple models and are flexible and open to other models as per needs and demands of the solution and client

Managed Solution Delivery

Build Transferable Software Product Development Team

Clients wishing to set up development centres engage us in this model. We help build the team with full transparency. Whenever the client is ready the team is transferred to the client entity.

Remote Resource Augmentation

Remote Resources To Help Contribute To An Existing Team

Model used by clients already having an existing team and wishing to add remote team members. We have extensive experience working with remote client teams across different timezones and variety of collaborative and communication tools.

Managed Solution Delivery

We Own The Entire Solution Delivery

Model preferred by clients wanting minimal involvement with timely deliveries. We take ownership of the entire solution delivery and work towards achieving agreed upon timelines.