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About RMI Insights

RMI Insights is a comprehensive financial modeling automation platform for SMBs, accounting firms, CFOs and institutional capital markets participants that empowers users to, in a matter of minutes, build their own three statement financial models through visually driven operational-level drivers and subsequently easily perform scenario planning, budgeting, financial planning & analysis, KPI & Stakeholder analysis, financial health monitoring, benchmarking, valuation analysis and custom, bespoke reporting so that Management, Board Members and other Stakeholders can drive their businesses forward with up-to-date knowledge and expediency. Our all-in-one platform requires minimal implementation and a more intuitive, modern interface allowing leaders to build financial models in minutes, not weeks and generate financial reports in minutes, not hours. We are headquartered in Denver, CO with offices and teams across the world including North America, Europe and Asia. Learn more at www.rmiinsights.com