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Cloud-Based Visual Financial Modeling Automation Platform

RMI Insights’ proprietary, patent-pending, cloud-based, data-driven visual financial modeling automation tool – RMI Insights™ – provides Executives and Investment Managers with a 360º view of the companies that they run and manage. From understanding basics, such as monthly actual P&L vs. monthly projected/budgeted P&L, to diving deep into complex, interrelated datasets to determine employee productivity, Insights provides key decision makers with easy-to-use and highly visual reports, dashboards, and diagrams. Investors and Executives are also given the ability to upload a prospective company’s target financials in PDF or Excel and the RMI Insights platform will construct a bespoke, 3-statement ‘Wall Street’ style financial model in seconds that is specific to the uploaded Company’s financials. This tool allows Investors and Executives to quickly assess deal economics for prospective private and public company direct investments and/or acquisitions. These tools allow Executives and Investment Managers to better understand and manage their businesses, prospective target businesses, and benchmark against relevant competition thereby increasing the trust of other Executives, Owners, Partners and Investors.

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At least 50% more accurate than manually building financial models & associated presentations.

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80%+ faster than juggling multiple spreadsheets and systems.

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Smart recognition of your data eliminates unnecessary work using AI & Machine Learning.

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Multiple languages seamlessly supported.

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Actionable intelligence and real-time reports accessible and delivered directly to key stakeholders 24/7.

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Bank-grade security and powerful encryption technology protect your data.

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FP&A Automation & Data
Science-Driven Visualizations

RMI Insights democratizes the corporate development process for SMBs and the Middle Market by automating & visualizing redundant, error-prone functions. Coupled with Advisory, RMI Insights provides ad-hoc corporate development functions such as Mergers, Acquisitions & Capital Raising at the fraction of the cost of full-time employees or boutique consultancies.

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KPI Tracking & Real-Time
Valuation Analyses

RMI Insights lets you track, measure and analyze key financial & operational metrics for your organization. RMI Insights even allows you to benchmark your performance against key private and public companies in your industry to see your weaknesses and glean the insights needed to outperform the competition.

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Machine & Deep
Learning-Based AI Software

RMI Insights’ cutting-edge AI, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition-based software does the work for Executives and Investment Managers, making it easy to understand, collaborate and share insights about your organization with other stakeholders.