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RMI Insights –
2018 Year-In-Review

& Operational Models

Our core offering is constructing a Financial & Operational model that underpins each of our client’s lines of business – either for the business they manage or a portfolio company for which they are responsible.

This tool is used to help project how the business will perform for the next 1-5 years on a detailed monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, as well as compare those projections to actual results. Once complete, we leverage this model as the basis to automate our client’s monthly FP&A processes.

RMI Insights platform

RMI insights platform

Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

Once Executives and Investment Managers have a better understanding of their lines of business and portfolio companies, we customize their FP&A needs by creating tailored reports, visualizations, and dashboards. The most basic report and dashboard consist of a monthly, quarterly, and annual income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statements. We add differentiated value to our clients by providing them with data-driven insights, visualizations, and custom reports that analyze headcount, employee productivity, technology/marketing spend, and the sales pipeline. The most basic package of RMI Insights comes with not only the patent-pending software but also bundled Advisory that Executives & Investment Managers can allocate to special projects. These Advisory Services hours roll over every month – similar to one’s phone plan – and can be allocated on a monthly, quarterly, annually or one-time instance basis as Executives and Investment Managers see fit.

Insights & Visualizations

Our team builds technology that helps executives and investment managers at leading institutions better understand and manage their various lines of businesses and portfolio companies. We aggregate, synthesize, analyze and visualize massive amounts of our client’s financial and operational data to help them automate redundant middle and back office FP&A functions while simultaneously increasing their executive social network value. Automated monthly FP&A reporting along with customized real-time reports, dashboards, and visualizations focusing on specific KPIs help our clients add managerial value, thereby increasing the trust of other executives, owners, partners, and investors.

RMI insights platform