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RMI Insights

What We Believe

We believe top Executives and Investment Managers can be empowered to improve their decision-making and transform their organizations by taking advantage of RMI’s experience, data science expertise, and proprietary, cloud-based, data-driven information & visualization platform.

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About Us

RMI Insights is the leading information, visualization, and advisory services firm for real estate, energy, financial services, private capital, medical devices, media, healthcare, cannabis, luxury hospitality, and technology-enabled business services Executives and Investment Managers. We add sustainable, long-term value to leading multinational corporations and investment vehicles by empowering their top Executives and Investment Managers with our information, visualizations, insights, and recommendations backed by our team’s industry experience, data science expertise, and proprietary, patent-pending, cloud-based, data-driven information & visualization platform.

Management & Team

Picture of Varun Balan

Varun P. Balan

Founder & CEO

Varun is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of RMI Insights providing the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that the Company has the proper product-market fit, sales, technology, operational controls, compliance, administrative / reporting procedures, and people systems in place to effectuate financial strength and operating efficiency for the Company’s Software & Advisory clients. Prior to starting RMI Insights, Varun was the COO of a Venture-Backed Start-Up that ultimately failed. He used the learnings from that failure to build RMI Insights into a successful, high-growth corporate financial advisory and FP&A visualization & automation software company.

Varun began his career as an Investment Banker at J.P. Morgan in their Real Estate, Gaming & Lodging Investment Banking Group. Varun also worked in Real Estate Private Equity at the Related Companies – the largest Real Estate Private Equity Firm in the World – covering the Equinox Fitness & SoulCycle portfolio companies. Varun holds both a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania’s Moore School of Electrical Engineering as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Political Economy from the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with multiple honors and community-service awards.

Picture of Sylvester L. Burley

Sylvester L. Burley

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Sylvester is the Co-Founder and Chief Private Equity Officer of RMI Insights, providing the expertise needed to guide our clients on their journeys and position both our technology and their organizations to best leverage our technology and advisory capabilities. Moreover, he is responsible for spearheading the customer journey for each of our Private Equity clients along with operating and managerial responsibilities for the Company.

Previously, Sylvester was an Investment Professional at Bregal Energy, Basalt Infrastructure Partners and at Riverstone Holdings, where he was responsible for transaction execution and asset management support across the entire Energy value chain. He started his career at J.P. Morgan’s Energy Investment Banking Group. Sylvester has an BA in Economics with a secondary degree in Mathematics from Harvard University, where he graduated summa cum laude with the highest academic honors and was also a John Harvard scholar.

Picture of Mitul Bid

Mitul Bid

Chief Technology Officer

Mitul is the Chief Technology Officer of RMI Insights as well as the Co-Founder & CEO of Coditas. Mitul believes that programmers are artists and the code that they write is their art. Prior to founding Coditas, Mitul was the Head of Software Services at Omniscient Software where he was instrumental in increasing revenue and scaling his teams. Mitul has been delivering quality and functional software solutions for more than a decade. He holds a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay with honors.

Picture of Pat Balan

Pat Balan

Chief Sales Officer

Pat is the Chief Sales Officer at RMI Insights and focuses on business development and capital raising. Pat is the former Founder & CEO of DataEquip Inc. – a hardware and software systems integration company that he started in 1983. DataEquip Inc. grew to $10mm+ in revenue at its peak in the early 1990’s and was heavily involved in building key infrastructure for Federal Government Agencies such as FEMA. Pat holds a BS and Masters in Economics from the University of Bombay and a Ph.D. in Economics from SUNY Binghamton. Pat is a former Professor of Economics. He lives in the Greater Denver Area and spends his free time swimming, and reading.

Picture of Shanta Patel

Shanta Patel

Chief Human Resources Officer

Shanta is the Chief Human Resources Officer of RMI Insights. Shanta is the former Founder & CEO of Pragmatic Solutions Inc. – a Northern Virginia-based consulting firm with specific and demonstrated experience in mortgage banking and the secondary mortgage markets (GSE’s). In her former life, Shanta was an accomplished CPA and Manager at Freddie Mac. Shanta holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Economics, Accounting & French from the University of Bombay. She has completed Executive Programs at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business and at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. Shanta lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, son and Labradoodle, Meera.

Picture of David hua

David Hua


David focuses on Finance, Product, and Operations at RMI Insights. He studied Finance, Accounting, and Business Analytics at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a former NCAA Division I student-athlete for Penn’s varsity swim team and enjoys DJing and cinematography in his free time.

Picture of Kunal Budhiraja

Kunal Budhiraja


Kunal focuses on Finance, Product, and Operations at RMI Insights. Prior to RMI Insights, Kunal attended Cornell University and was active with Finance and Investment Banking associations on campus. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, trading commodities, and rooting for the Houston Rockets, Astros, and Texans.

Picture of Andy Sun

Andy Sun


Andy focuses on Finance, Product and Marketing at RMI Insights. Andy studied Finance & Data Analytics at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania along with Anthropology. He was an NCAA Division I student-athlete on the fencing team at Penn and a former Team USA fencer. His other interests include fitness, nutrition and country music.


FP&A Automation & Data
Science-Driven Visualizations

RMI Insights democratizes the corporate development process for SMBs and the Middle Market by automating & visualizing redundant, error-prone functions. Coupled with Advisory, RMI Insights provides ad-hoc corporate development functions such as Mergers, Acquisitions & Capital Raising at the fraction of the cost of full-time employees or boutique consultancies.

KPI Tracking

KPI Tracking & Real-Time
Valuation Analyses

RMI Insights lets you track, measure and analyze key financial & operational metrics for your organization. RMI Insights even allows you to benchmark your performance against key private and public companies in your industry to see your weaknesses and glean the insights needed to outperform the competition.

Machine Learning

Machine & Deep
Learning-Based AI Software

RMI Insights’ cutting-edge AI, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition-based software does the work for Executives and Investment Managers, making it easy to understand, collaborate and share insights about your organization with other stakeholders.